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Tampacen Telephone Exchange 217

map of Tampacen, Florida
Information about NXX prefix 217
Interactive map of Tampacen, Florida
Area Code813
Telephone CompanyBusiness Telecom INC.

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Florida is serviced by area code 813 and the local prefix 217 covers Tampacen. For specific questions about numbers within 813-217, you may want to contact Business Telecom INC. directly.

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Companies issuing phones near Tampacen

This is a list of phone prefixes assigned to each company. The prefixes shown are for area code 813 only. Additionally, the list is limited to showing cities around the Tampacen Florida area.

Cellco Partnership d.b.a. Verizon Wireless
415, 422, 373
Hypercube Telecom, LLC
Level 3 Communications, LLC
Verizon Florida INC.
402, 440, 372
Telcove Investment, LLC
Net Talk.Com, INC.
Telovations, INC.
Time Warner Telecom of Florida, L.P.
Global Naps, INC.
Ymax Communications Corp.
Cost Plus Communications, LLC
New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC
418, 442, 449, 465, 466
Matrix Telecom, INC d.b.a. Trinsic Communications
Paetec Communications, INC.
574, 579
Bandwidth.Com Clec, LLC
Bright House Ntws Information Svcs (Florida)
443, 644, 374
Business Telecom INC.
Sbc Long Distance, LLC d.b.a. AT&T Long Distance
Metro PCS, INC.
347, 384, 379, 369
Aerial Communications
405, 397

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