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Minot Telephone Exchange 340

map of Minot, North Dakota
Information about NXX prefix 340
Interactive map of Minot, North Dakota
Area Code701
StateNorth Dakota
Telephone CompanyCellco Partnership d.b.a. Verizon Wireless

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North Dakota is serviced by area code 701 and the local prefix 340 covers Minot. For specific questions about numbers within 701-340, you may want to contact Cellco Partnership d.b.a. Verizon Wireless directly.

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Daily News & Analysis

Companies issuing phones near Minot

This is a list of phone prefixes assigned to each company. The prefixes shown are for area code 701 only. Additionally, the list is limited to showing cities around the Minot North Dakota area.

Cellco Partnership d.b.a. Verizon Wireless
340, 509, 240
Nextel Communications, INC.
Western Wireless Corporation
721, 720, 441
Srt Communications, INC.
420, 838, 837, 839, 852, 858, 857
North Dakota Network Co d.b.a. Srt Wireless

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