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Smithers Telephone Exchange 877

map of Smithers, British Columbia
Information about NXX prefix 877
Interactive map of Smithers, British Columbia
Area Code250
StateBritish Columbia
Telephone CompanyBritish Columbia Telephone

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British Columbia is serviced by area code 250 and the local prefix 877 covers Smithers. For specific questions about numbers within 250-877, you may want to contact British Columbia Telephone directly.

Phone Scammers Targeting International Students

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KANSAS--- The phone scammers attempt to get personal information from the students by making threats. Scammers also send emails claiming to be from the IRS to support their scam, use caller I.D. Information to appear as the I.R.S and use automated ...Albany Police Dept. warns residents about IRS phone schemeNEWS10 ABCIRS Warns Of Increasing Number Of Local Phone ScammersNorthEscambia.comIRS warns phone scams continue to be a serious threatOskaloosa HeraldCNNMoney -KRON 4all 172 news articles »
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School phone survey may be skewed toward those without Caller ID

I'd appreciate it if you would include information on how the survey calls would look on caller ID for those of us who use it to screen calls. Otherwise, I am concerned that, however randomly the 400 survey recipients were chosen, the results of the ...

Companies issuing phones near Smithers

This is a list of phone prefixes assigned to each company. The prefixes shown are for area code 250 only. Additionally, the list is limited to showing cities around the Smithers British Columbia area.

British Columbia Telephone
847, 877

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